More About Me

The Go To Brit in the Desert

Hello and welcome. I was Born in Scotland- Edinburgh to be exact and went to school there. As a young parent at 20 I moved to London and spend 15 years in and around London working in Sales and Marketing for Newspapers and managing and troubleshooting British Pubs for Bass Charingtons one of the UKs largest Brewers.
After visiting the desert on vacation I thought OH YES !!! and here I came. I am an avid Hiker and walker and lately cycling has crept in too.
I love to travel and have visited 111 countries- some more than once . I love to help people find there special corner here. Be it a Castle or a Condo I can help. And I speak 2 languages- British and American !!! Who Knew !!!Glad to help and look forward to meeting you soon.

Charities and Me

I just love to be a part of Charity events and love to see the faces of people when they get to meet there goals